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Здравствуйте! интересный у вас сайт! Нашел обширную новость:
Amy is extremely organized and was great to be apart of her events as a vendor!
Hi Amy, As a vendor at the Gold Hill Mesa concerts, I want to thank you for providing such a nice venue for me to sell my hand-made pottery. The music was pretty good too!!!
Hello, I would like to be added to your concert list. Thank you.
Hi, My band is interested in finding a booking agent. What does it take ?
When will we get to see another reunion of George & the Allstars with that bodacious red head, Jill Watkins ???
I have enjoyed your efforts on many occasions--Chris Duarte and Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin to name drop a couple. I can only imagine how watching all the great shows y'all brought in gave George "the itch" again. Best of luck to you both a you move to this next phase of "Keeping Music Alive"!!!
Hi Amy & George, I am going to miss the great shows you have brought to Colorado Springs. However, I understand that you are going in a new direction. I wish you both the best! Thanks for all that you do for us music fans!
Amy & George, What a great website & love the music! ;-)~ Joshua aka... Crash Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory!~
SIMPLY AWESOME Show great way to bring in the New Year
The Candye Kane show was one of the best I have ever seen. Laura Chavez was incredible. The new bass player was smoking hot. They all kept us entertained as Candye had to take a break. I hope Candye gets better soon as I would love many repeats of her wonderful shows.
Hi Amy and George. Love the website and everything you are doing with Big Jim. I hope to work with you in the near future. Montana is excited about Big Jim coming in August to perform at the Big Sky Rhythm and Blues Festival.
The Jim Adam show last night was fantastic. We've followed Jimbo since the coffee and bike shop days and never tire of his music and the wholesome atmosphere. And the show last evening was one of his best. All of those guys are true musicians--not a stitch of written music anywhere on stage--and you can tell that they have music in their souls that comes out in their fingers. Great Show!!!
Loved the Dead Winter Carpenters!
Thanking you for bringing "Davina and the Vagabonds" to the Crystola, one of the best live music shows I have seen in a long time. I have been a musician my whole life, I recommend this band to everyone. Thanks to amusiccompanyinc for bringing great music to Colorado Springs.
The 1st time I saw Otis Taylor was @ the Boulder Theater in December 2005, I was so blown away by him I became an instant fan. I have seen him now 5 or 6 times and every show us different. This show was another incredible experience! Otis only knows how to put on an excellent show and is also one of the best if not the best blues acts out today. The venue was great with great seats and plenty of room to dance or sway to the music.
Otis Taylor at the Crystola Roadhouse: Great show!!! Saw Otis a few years ago at Blues Under the Bridge…and have been a "believer" in his Trance Blues ever since…He and his band did not disappoint Friday….had a great "vibe" going through the whole place….didn't want it to end. Thanks Amy for bringing him back...
Chris Duarte show: We had a blast. It was nice to see a show where people enjoyed music.The night before in Denver at the Toad, people were mad because we wanted to boogie. They thought we should sit down for a rock n roll show...yeah right! It is so nice to see him where the crowd gets into it. He always plays a better show when he can feed off of the crowd. Also the staff was wonderful, and the prime rib dinner was quite tasty.
love you guys- where is Jill playing now-see you on the 12th can't wait
Great show in Crystola with Nick Moss Band and Colorado Springs' own Jeremy Vasquez. Thanks to A Music Company Inc. “Keeping Music Live” for bringing live shows like this to the area!
Thanks for keeping great music alive!
The Doo Wop show was so wonderful that words can't explain it.It was a wonderful event, the best I have been to for a long time.
Went to the Doo Woop show the other night, and had a great time. it was like being at a PBS oldies special. Wonderful to see all these great artists still full of life and appreciative to be able to still do what they love, for fans that love the music of the memories of our lives. The rest of the crowd seemed to also be having a great time. It is my hope that you will do another simmilar show in the future.
Hello there. Thank you so much for your kind words. Stephanie and I had a really good time on stage...the audience was great! That always makes our show much more enjoyable! We enjoyed visiting with you, and we both hope to be working with you again...soon! Take care, and have a wonderful day. With love, Dodie
Great show looking forward to the next one. Would like to see the Dovells,Duprees,Gary US Bonds, 4 Seasons,Dion
We thoroughly enjoyed this show! A very memorable evening indeed. We hope the Doo Wop Show returns next year. Thank you so much!!!
I had a wonderful time at the show Please keep them coming
We had the most fun in years at the Ultimate Doo-Wop Show. Thanks for bringing so many of the original artists to Colorado Springs. It made us 'oldies' feel 'young' again!
We want to thank A Music Company Inc. “Keeping Music Live” & Amy & George for inviting us to "The Ultimate Doo Wop show" We had such a wonderful time - & enjoyed catching up with many of our friends. For anyone who didn't get the opportunity to attend, you missed a great show. You will have to catch them next time in town. Chris & Nick.
The wife and I loved the Doo Wop show. It was fun. Please bring us more.
We loved the show. What would have made a greater impact though would be to have had back up singers; they were key to the 50's sound. Keep 'em coming! Allan
LOVED the Doo-Wop show. So much fun to watch the entertainers and especially the folks in the audience come alive. We were all preteens and teenagers again. Thanks for all your hard work.
My group, DejaVu Singles really enjoyed the Ultimate Doo-Wop Show. It was thrilling to see the original artists sing their songs after so many years. Ken
Amy and George, Our sincere appreciation for booking the "Kings of Clubs" and working with Green Mountain Studios. Working with A "Music Company Inc." has been nothing but a pleasure and look forward to future engagements. Randy Block "KINGS OF CLUBS"
...Tab Benoit! what a force.Saw the show at the City Auditorium last Wednesday. It was a rousing good time. Corey on bass was, as before, a super addition to this band. Tab as always gave his guitar a hard time, breaking strings several times in his enthusiasm. Yes, he told some fun stories between songs (he is a master of stage-presence), and yes he played a drum solo mid-set. Bar BQ sponsored by amusiccompany, KRCC,the Independent and Bristol brewery was a super"Big Easy"-type addition. Benoit says he loved playing in our old faithful City Auditorium, stating, " I haven't played a place like this since I quit playing weddings"
Thanks Amy for a really fun time last weekend opening for the Philharmonic. It was great to see you and George. I was a little surprised from how many people I heard from about the concert and how many CD sales we made online that the result of it, all from Colorado Springs. Anyway thanks again.
Tab was in great form and as always highly entertaining. I will make sure to see him next year when he returns... Keep bringing music, especially the blues, to the Springs and I'll stay entertained... (= _rod
George & Amy, Thank you so much for bringing Tab to the City Aud! As always Tab delivered a blistering performance, and the optics and feel of the old art deco era auditorium/dancehall put it waaaaaay over the top. Not to mention, but I WILL, that you gave our table the absolute bestseats in the house! Never had a better time! Thanks so much for all you do! Dick & Charlotte Carlson
Tab Benoit was AWESOME last night!! Loved the show. Loved the venue!! I think Tab really liked playing at the city aud. Let's do it again soon!!! Maybe a weekend? Thanks for a great show!!
The Hot Club of Cowtown would like to say we had a wonderful time playing for you and to let everyone know how well we were treated and I might add.... We give FIRST PRIZE for the best hospitality and rider we had in 2012. {The rider covers the food and drink etc for the artist} I sincerely hope we can visit your hip music venue again soon! Best wishes, Whit Smith, Hot Club of Cowtown Austin TX.
The Crystola Roadhouse is without question one of the best blues venues I've ever been to and I know Chris loves playing there. A great time was had by all and CDG pulled out all the stops:) Thanks Amy, George and your amazing staff and it was too cool to see the 'Young Lion' get his shot at the 'big time' as I was in attendance 4 or 5 years ago when Austin and his Dad introduced themselves to Chris.
Great Chris Duarte show last weekend! It was a special treat that he had the local young guitar slinger up on stage to jam with him. That Austin Young is destined for great things. Chris Duarte....always incredible and also a great, gracious guy. We were visiting from Alaska and Kansas, what luck to happen on this show.
Thanks so much for bringing Moreland & Arbuckle in. What a GREAT show! Keep up the great work - you are much appreciated.
good to talk to you hope you guys have a great year. keep it up doug
We (big daddy love)had a blast playing at the Ancient Mariner the other night. It was one of the best shows of the whole trip. Can't wait to come back!
It's been two weeks since the show and I still can't get ROYAL SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD out of my head. It was the best show I have seen in years! So, when Amy says "this act is not to be missed" - believe her and get your tickets right away. Thanks Amy and George for bringing in such high quality shows. Also, thanks to the Crystola for your friendly atmosphere. We can hardly wait for the next show!
That sounds like Nelson!
All I can say is AMAZING to describe the Royal Southern Brotherhood. What an astonishing array of talent on one stage. Thanks to George and Amy for bringing this soulful group to our neck of the woods.
Royal Southern Brotherhood was great concert!
We loved the Rick Estrin & The Nightcats show last weekend!!! We were entralled from the minute they started playing until the end. Everyone had a great time! Thanks Amy for taking care of us like you always do!!! We can't wait for the next show...
Thanks so much for the great seats at the recent Janiva Magness show at the Crystola Roadhouse. I came from out of state with friends and you took such good care of us.We look forward to seeing another event produced by you!
Thank you very much Amy for your generous gift of booth space at Blues Under the Bridge. My coworkers had a fabulous time and connected with many people. I have talked with numerous friends who went and all of them had nothing but praise, so congrats to you for all of your hard work! Whenever we need entertainment we will certainly give you a call and will gladly refer your services to others. Have a wonderful day! :).
Hello Amy, this is Doug Reeder from the Pueblo Chieftain in Pueblo. Thank you very much for taking care of me and my friends Saturday night at the Crystola Bar for the Big Sandy show. We definitely had the best seats in the house, and all 20 of us that were there all had a great time! Keep up the good fight of bringing quality music that isn’t mainstream or on the radio all the time……. to Colorado!!!!!! Believe me, it is very much appreciated by those of us that enjoy quality music and amazing artists!!!!
Amy and George, Thanks for the tickets to Samantha Fish! She was fantastic! We had a great time!
Simply put, Amy...YOU ROCK!!
Just checkin out your website. See ya at Crystola
The past few months have been extraordinary. One after another the best players in the business have rocked the Roadhouse. Castro, Morganfield, Whittington, Thackery, Allison, Duarte. Still looking forward to RB Brooks, Meadowgrass and Blues Under the Bridge. Of course Tab was here in November and is coming back in September. Every artist is a unique talent. So Amy and George, thanks for bringing the music we love to the city we live.
Amy and George, Wow, what a show last night! Bernard Allison is quite the musician. I had a chance to meet him out on the deck. He was very personable and quite gracious. Did you know he doesn't read music? He plays all by ear. Amazing... Anyway, thanks for the great venue. My wife and friends really enjoyed the show. Keep up the outstanding work. Seeing these wonderful players in quaint atmospheres is awesome! Kudos, Steve and Marla
Just got back from the Jimmy Thackery show at the Crystola Roadhouse. Had a wonderful time listening to Jimmy range all over his well worn Strat; band was hard driving (no surprise there!). He sure knows his instrument!
I would love to volunteer at one of your events when available. Please let me know if you could use the help.
George and Amy on behalf of the Atomic Fireballs and Buddy Whittington, thank you for your kindness and professionalism. We appreciate the way you do your job and the way you treat everyone associated with the band.
We knew Nelson Rangell was great, but the talent in Wayne Wilkinson's group was a wonderful surprise! It's so great that you promote these artists and their music!
Wayne, Nelson and the boys were exceptional last evening at the FAC. Keep it rolling and get Wayne to do some more acoustic numbers - it was sweetness. Pls put me on your mailing list.... TgW...
Amy and George, Thanks for the tickets to Trampled Under Foot! That was a fantastic show! We'll see you at the Tommy Castro show. Kelly and John Lavrinc
Dear George and Amy, I think what you do for the culture of Colorado Springs is just the best thing. Did you open my Christmas Letter? Merry Christmas! Bob Campbell
Thanks you Amy & George for keeping good music coming to town. I know this last year has been hard on all of us and music keeps us up and enjoying life. You guys rock. Nice seeing you Amy the other day. Doug
Very Very grateful to you Amy and George for the extraordinary effort you put forth throughout the years to bring quality music to the Pikes peak region. You pur a smile on my face every time I attend one of these spectacular shows. Look forward to more of the same for the new year. Kevin Austin
lookin' forward to Tab
Had a fun night with Too Slim & the Taildraggers - thanks for bringing them to the fabulous Crystola. Midway through the first set, the dance floor filled up and stayed that way all night! Thanks again for all you guys do :-)
thank you so much for all you do Amy - you are an ambassador for music in our conservative community - The Holmes Brothers were one of the best bands I have ever heard (I have heard hundreds of bands indeed!) - please bring them back!!!! I'm super excited about Too Slim and his Taildraggers - keep em coming - you have my support - Morgan
keep up the great (hard) work -see you soon
Can't wait to see Willie, Bob & Kenny tomorrow. Let the good times roll!
Thanks Amy; We really enjoyed ourselves. It's a real privilege be part of live BLUES SHOWS, especially like the ones you sponsor at the ROADHOUSE. Thanks for sponsoring THE BLUES !!! Hopefully we can be there for the next one. THANKS AGAIN, MARCELLA
Hi, I'm so glad to get in touch with have to have the best business in the many great groups and musicians. I'm sure you have heard of the greatest guitar player ever....SONNY LANDRETH. Don't you think it i9s time to book him in to the Krystola Road House? I've seen him about 30 times over 16 years (I'm pretty sure I discovered him). I really need to see him if you can book him somr where close to Pueblo I'd be SOooooo happy' Thanks in advance, Monica R
Tommy Castro and his supermen were out of this world........again!! Thank you Amy & George. Hope you feel the supportive vib from everyone for what you do. The extra long sets had it all. Hi to Valerie & Brian our table partners and blues fanatic brother & sister. See you next time around.
Thank you so much for the Tommy Castro show! He was amazing and I had a fabulous birthday!! And, we owe it all to you!!
As always Tommy was AWESOME...and the venue is FAN....TASTIC...
We went to the Tommy Castro show at the Crystola and loved it!!! It was one of my top shows in quite some time and will be hard to beat. Keep up the great work making this music happen!
As always, the Tommy Castro Band put on a fabulous show! He just keeps getting better!! Thank You to Amy and George and the staff at the Crystola. We are lucky to have you! Thanks for the fun!! I love my Castro sunglasses!! DB
Tommy Castro is one of the best entertainers. He gets the crowd into his music. By the end of the evening everyone is swing and tapping to the beat of his guitar. The music seems to come from his soul out through his voice and guitar. Everyone can feel it. If you never seen Tommy Castro live, you've missed a blues experience of a lifetime.
Hey Amy & George! Just wanted to throw a comment on here about the VOW concert last month. It was FANTASTIC and we can't tell you how much we appreciate all you do to keep the music alive in COS. Take care and see you soon! Dana & Brick
Loved Tommy Castro. Bring him back. We try to go to all your shows at Crystola.
The Tommy Castro Band put on one hell of a show Saturday night at the Cystola, I seen them last March in Montrose at the Turn of the Century Saloon. Tommy was awesome Saturday night when he came out into the crowd!!
Fabulous show-Tommy Castro band just knows how to connect with the audience!!! They are talented musicians and songwriters-great variety of blues, lite rock sounds-the best.
Crystola Roadhouse Big Jim Adam and John Stillwagon / Tommy Castro March 5,2011. If anybody has not witnessed the Big J and Little J then you are missing a treat. Big sound for a duo. They will make you Boogie Woogie in a way nobody else will. Great stuff guys keep up your hard work. Tommy Castro and Band. OHHHH and what a band it is!! Everytime I hear Tommy he puts a new twist on his sound. His new rig with the Gibson Thunderbird and Mesa Boogie was just one of many. This band melds and melts into heart, body, and soul like none other. The arrangements are mind blowing due to a horn section tight bass, keys, and drums that light pants on fire with a whisper. If you were not dancing in your seat, dance floor, or outside on the deck then you need to apply to rythmn school for devoid of having any senses of any type. The ability for this band to take its signature sound into a new orbit around the sun happens just based on this musicianship, partnership, and precise musical melodies. They may win Blues Band of the year again at the Blues Music Awards. Catch them anywhere but wear welding gloves their HOT!! TTTTTSSSSSS!! DJB
We went to see Tommy Castro at the Crystola for the 3rd time...and each year the show just gets better. Amy & George really know how to accomodate these venues plus they are really kind people. I had won 2 tickets to the BBM show coming up March 26th, since I had already purchased VIP tickets I requested the tickets be put in a friends name, Amy did it with no problems and was more than willing to help. I will always be a supporter of A Music Company Inc because they take care of their fans! See ya'll at the BBM show in a few weeks! ~Valerie & Brian
The Feb. 5th show at CC was incredible. I have seen VOW twice now, and this time they were even better, minus Dr. John. Anders Osborn was much better than I've seen him before. My favorite of the bunch is always Tab, and I have seen him numerous times now in Colorado (several in CS, Winterpark, Frisco) and in New Orleans (jazzfest, at the Rock and Bowl, and Tipitina's). I think my favorite shows were at Tipitiana's and some of the shows here- at the Thirsty Parrot, Stargazers, with the Neville Brothers, and at the pub afterwards. I would not want to see him at CC again. The sound was not great and it was too incredibly stuffy and crowded in the balcony. I would probably have to pass seeing Tab here if he was there again:(.
Also saw the Tab and Friends at CC. Very good show aside from the sound system not being up to par. Thanks to all the folks that put the show together.
Saw Tab Benoit’s Voice of The Wetlands in Colorado Springs on Feb 5th with 5 friends and we loved it. I have seen Tab many many times and always love his music. The other folks were amazing - hard to sit in your seats when listening and the facility didn't have a lot of ability to move around too much but we managed. Absolutely a great night and for such a good cause. Tab, we love you in the Springs!
The Wetlands show was, is, fantastic
Amy thank you so much for all of your hard work and helping create such a great blues comunity in CO. Springs.
Tab Benoit's AND THE Wetlands tour was a knock out slap your mama show. A fantastic line up of talent all on one stage what a treat!! What a night!
Amy...Thank You! I completely enjoyed the VOW show...What great performers!!!I had a smile on my face and in my heart through the whole show and all the way home! To me that's what it's all about! Thanks for all of your hard work to bring the blues to the Springs area!
Great show, loads of fun! I've been going to see these musicians play (including Big Chief)for many years now. That being said - when will the good people of Colorado Springs learn that it is OK to actually get up and dance during a performance? If you feel like moving around people, get up and do it! I've seen shows all over the world - in every type of venue you can imagine. Colorado Springs never ceases to amaze me with the lack of audience participation. Stand up and have fun! And if I may be so bold as to comment on Emile's entry: #1 - many of us were thrilled about the length of the performance. 3.5 hours is actually a short performance in many cities - especially in New Orleans, where the norm is about 5 hours. #2- if the length of the show bothered you, why stick around and moan about it later? Nobody was preventing you from leaving. I've heard people complain about how short a performance was, but NEVER that it was too long! Thank you, you made me laugh out loud here at work! #3- Obviously you have access to the internet. Simply Google their website and read it. You'll figure out what they stand for pretty easily!
What a great show! I have seen them a few times and they always blow me away! Love, love, love Tab Benoit.
The Wetlands was GREAT!!! Well worth going out in the cold & Snow to hear great music and to help a good cause. Now I would love to hear some more of my hero in the music world...TAB!!! Please Tab come back to the springs soon!!!
I was actually quite disappointed. I almost felt like they were in their garage jamming instead of putting on a show for the audience. 3 1/2 hours was a bit much. And I couldn't hear Cyril's vocals over the harp. And when Tab spoke about the wetlands, exactly what are they doing? Are they donating a percentage of money made to an organization? But after all that is said, I very much appreciate all of the work that goes into putting on a music production and "keeping it live".
Great ensemble, great show.
The Tab Benoit-VOW Show was probably the best local show I have been to in quite awhile! The meet and greet was great--and on top of that the venue was just fantastic for the whole experience...
We loved VOW tour. They are all such great musicians in their own right, but to have them all together is over the "top" We all had a great time. The venue was pretty cool,too. They are all very cool guys. Anders was back on his "game" which was so cool to see/hear. Love them all!
The Wetlands.... It was awesome and I have encourgaged all of my out of town and state friends to go see it if it comes their way. Great concern!
It was the BEST concert thank you to the group of Wetland and To Amy to organise this concert It was so gooddddddddddd Bravo
Thank you for bringing the Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars to Armstrong Hall. It was one of the most extraordinary and entertaining musical events I have ever seen! Even without Dr. John, it was over-the-top New Orleans music at its best!
Voice of the Wetlands concert Saturday night was one of the best concerts I've been to in 40+ years. I almost didn't make it up there, the snow was so bad on the road from Pueblo, but I'm so glad I did. I brought home 3 new cds and am still dancing!!! The All Stars are all that and More!!
Amy, thanks again for your love and gerosity to me and my listeners. The VOW show was wonderful and a great cause to be involved in. Look forward to working with you and the crew in other endeavors here and in Salida!! Thanks for working with me and keep me in the loop Lady, Doc
Amy, that was the best concert I've ever been to, and I've seen the Rolling Stones. Anders Osborne is absolutely the best Cajun musician who's ever come out of Sweden.
I just wanted to say that the Voice of the Wetlands All-Star show was absolutely AWESOME!! They literally tore it up and rocked the joint. You have 6 of the best musicians to come out of Louisiana since Louis Armstrong and Professor Longhair, among many, many, many others, and that combo of passion, experience and raw talent just makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. You cannot help but stand up and dance and clap your hands and get lost in the music. A HUGE THANK YOU to Amy and George for bringing us this awesome show!! What would we do without you both?? Much love, Renee
Thanks for bringing Tommy Castro back to Colorado. We're looking forward to another high energy show from Tommy and his band. They always rock the place, we can't wait.
We love all the shows you put on. We love the shows at the Crystola, what a great venue. If I had to choose a favorite artist, I guess it would be Ana Popovic. However, all the shows are just great. You are true professionals and know how to put a show together. Some people I would like to see in the future would be, J.P. Soars, Trampled Under Foot, and Joe Bonamassa.
Kudos for your outstanding effort in keeping music alive in the Pikes Peak area. Let the good times continue to roll. We were especially pleased to see HAPA at BAC. We just returned for Maui and made a contact that they return to Colorado. We'll see you in the New Year.
Thank you for helping to keep the blues alive in the Pike's Peak region!
Teresa Lynne Band was Awesome! Teresa is soooo personable also, and she sends her greetings your way. Thanks so much for your efforts and for keeping us updated on the fabulous music. The evening watching Teresa and her band, each which is awesome in their own right, was pleasant, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Take care, -Julie
hi Amy...You all are so cool and so important in the music scene roundabout that I'd just like to thank you for all the good energy, dance ops and finger popping priorities right here in Rocky Mtn High Country. More power to you all and save me a dance... Frankie
The MUSIC at Blues Under The Bridge was AWESOME! Bigger space for dance floor needed. More porta potties, but it WAS a TREMENDOUS succes! Wonderful people, amazing and kind and friendly artists...WOW! The best one since the first, which hadn't been matched yet! YEY!
What a great to spend a Saturday afternoon listening to great music!! Blues Under the Bridge was, in my opinion, FANTASTIC. My favorite part of Blues Under the Bridge? Meeting Charlie Musslewhite & his band-AWESOME. Can't wait to see the line up for next year!!
Great job! Love the music, the venue, and the food! Thanks for all of your hard work.
I had a great time at Blues under the bridge. Food selection was great, Candye Kayne was wonderful as always. I wanted to spend more money there but ran out too soon. Maybe you could get an ATM machine for next year. The venue is wonderful. See you next year. PS did you find a Subaru key and fob?
Hi Amy You are truly a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all of your hard work to keep the blues alive. Have a good day! Best, Jake
Dear Amy, You never cease to amaze me with who you bring to town. I just learned of Janiva’s music on Sirius radio while back east in a rental car over Memorial Day vacation. She is INCREDIBLE! Did you know she was a foster kid herself, who now devotes her life to helping foster children? Thank you, thank you for improving our community one concert at a time. With deep respect for what you do, Martha
This is the best, very cool.
We have heard a lot of great things about the Blues Cruise and have pre-booked a cruise in the Caribbean for January 2011. If you have not heard about this fabulous venue, check out their website at Dave
Here is the link to the Blues Cruise:
Fantastic, off the charts show by Tommy Castro at Crystola last Sunday night. What an unbelievably great band. The whole joint was rocking from the 1st song until the last!! went to Boulder Outlook the next night and it paled in comparison.
We have been to several shows George & Amy put on and they have all been GREAT!!! Love the Crystola. We plan on many more in the future. Thanks a bunch for doing this. Priscilla & Dave
I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Kelly Hunt but I have several CD's and she is an exciting blues entertainer. It would great to have her here in Colo Springs. Thanks for the opportunity to suggest Donna
Amy, It would be nice if Debbie Davies were to perform at Stargazers. Thanks
Thank you Amy for everything you do. It's truly a pleasure to work you. Have a great weekend!!!
Amy, Just wanted to thank you one more time for your part in putting Saturday night together. It's not often a band gets to work with real pros like you and George. We appreciate the way you have helped us. Larry, Dennis, Matt, Rusty, & Carlos
Amy, Glad I was able to be at Buddy's show Saturday at the Crystola. You can be sure if Amy is promoting a show, it's gonna be the place to be. Cathy
George and Amy, Thank you so much for another fantastic show, John Hammond is a legend and seems to have played with just about everyone. The names he was rattling off was a who's who in the blues world. Hanging around the back hall and shaking Johns hand was a highlight of the evening as was my buddy Derrick putting Johns harmonicas on stage, I did not know he was working the show. Anyway thanks for keeping the blues live always a great time.
Cedric and Malcom, the Two Man Wrecking Crew put on a hell of a show. Those boys are the real deal. Hope they come back someday.
Joe Satriani any time soon? OK Maybe "Los Straightjackets?
Thanks so much Amy for you and George spending Saturday night watching us play at Cucaru. We were blessed by you being there! Hope we'll see you around again soon. Thanks for all you do for music. Regards, KJ
Amy, the Laurie Bell and Nick Moss show was amazing last night. You guys always book great gigs! And I don't know if you had anything to do w/ Jason Riccci playing at McCabe's early in 2008 but please try and get him back here!! Thank you!!
Keep up the good work, Amy. I really enjoyed seeing Samuel James. I just love meeting an up and coming artist in a small setting. I also liked getting a confirmation email with details about food and drink available, as well as confirming time and location. Thanks!
Gift certs - YEAH!!!! Thanks!
Amy we always look forward to your E-mail, thank-you for making our experience with amusiccompany personal and sincere. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jim and Linda Atkins
We went to the Samuel James show and it was all awesome! Thank you so much for all you are doing to bring great blues music to this area. I moved here four years ago from a long time spent living in the Twin Cities, and have been amazed to see people I saw all the time in Minneapolis being booked here (Jimmy Thackery, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Smoking Joe Kubek, Tab Benoit, Coco Tayler – God rest her -, etc.) The Crystola Roadhouse is always a fave. Any possibilities of Corey Stevens ever making it here? We love, love, love Venue 515 and will support that place to make sure it stays open and thriving with live music! We loved Big Jim Adams and are anxious to get out and hear him. Anyway, thanks again, Amy for you and George’s hard work and for givin a crap about good blues music happenin here! Happy Holidays! -- Lindy.
Just workin between me and my sis in law but it's so perfect for ma. Thanx for going to all the trouble. I hope others find the GIFT CERTIFICATES as perfect a gift as I do!
Just discovering this site, I've been on the mailing list for the past few months and can only thank Amy and George for putting this together. The variety of music and artists are wonderful.. Thank you.
i love this site. i love all of ya'lls music ok well im from georgia so ya'll is really a word. im in this little one horse town but i've got to see some really great artist also around the surrounding counties. really gonna try to get to your part of the world soon.
Thanks for being there for us. Great site
Speaking on behalf of Gotta Lovett Promotions we are very happy to know you guys and look foprward to business. And personally we think you are COOL! Jazz cool! R&R
Friends told me about this site and would love to get on your mailing list as there are a couple of folks at work that may or may not get this info. Thanks, Leafer
Hello, I enjoyed the Matt Wilson Quartet last night. They were original and entertaining. This was my first time to attend and look forward to many more such enjoyable Friday nights. One constructive suggestion: could you strongly encourage patrons getting child-care? Not sure how you can handle this tactfully, but babies are things, just not at Jazz concerts. thank you for all you're doing for the community~
We love George and Amy!\ Ray and Rose Lovett
felt like i was in chicago wed. nite at the stardust, thank you, thank you for a job well done,
Amy, I sincerely appreciate your continued support for music in the area and want to bring high quality acts to Colorado Springs like Tommy Castro. I look forward to the show. Sincerely, Jim Whitfield
Blues Under the Bridge is a dynamite event! Plan to attend again next year.
Meadowgrass was a fine event - thanks for bringing the old and the new together in such a splendid location.
We bought tickets to the Roberta Gamborini show as a Father's Day gift. What a privilege to hear these four spectacular musicians creating it right before our eyes! This concert was something really special. Thank you!
The George Whitesell/Jill Watkins show at Stargazer's on June 6, 2009, was the highest caliber and most entertaining performance that my husband and I have enjoyed for a long, long time. The venue was perfect for this level of professionalism, excellent performers, and an unrivaled band, perfectly scripted and choreographed. If you haven't yet enjoyed a performance by this increasingly popular group, you are denying yourself a great evening.
MEADOWGRASS was a blast!! Thank you for the great musical weekend!
Hey...Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers. Hottest show this year and the year isn't over yet. Thanks for all your hard work.
I loved the Legends of Jazz Concert! Thank you for bringing great Jazz to Colorado Springs.
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for bringing live music, particularly live blues, to the Pikes Peak region. We have enjoyed several shows including Tommy Castro (twice) and Tab Benoit. Unfortunately we have a previous engagement and will not be able to attend the Smokin Joe concert. Keep up the good work.
You guys are awesome! Just got to meet you recently at Tab Benoit's Show at Stargazers (What a great transformation that place has gone through)! Also saw you up at the roadhouse at Tommy Castro's show! And we'll see you shortly at Smokin' Joes' Show!! Keep up the great work, we really do appreciate what you've been doing!!!
Amy, Once again a terrific show. Glad to have been a part of grand opening of our new venue (Stargazers) in town. Tab Benoit is not only a great musician but a powerful, thoughtful man. We enjoyed hearing from him as well as hearing his blues. Keep bringing the great music. Thanks
Amy- Met you today (Tuesday, 1/20/09) at the west end post office. I am a local songwriter/singer/musician and I'm interested in what you do. Please email me so we can benefit each other with your insight, knowledge and talents of the local (and far-reaching) music scene. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to future communication(s) with you. Blessings! Jeff "BRADY" Glicken
Glad to have connected with you! Nice site and great way to learn what's out there on the live music scene!
The Tab Benoit show was excellent. Leon Medica stills plays an outstanding bass and Tab put on another incredible performance. It appeared that the girls liked him even more. Mike - Colorado Springs
Thanks to Amy for bringing all this great blues to us. Crystola is the perfect venue, too. Dan Todd's review of the Blues Harmonica Blowout was outstanding - thanks Dan!
It was great to be on the bill with some of my harp heroes ; Kim Wilson, Magic Dick and Mark Hummel. Thanks for having me. Al Chesis
The Mark Hummel Harmonica Blowout was fantastic! What a rare opportunity to see Mark Hummel, Magic Dick and Kim Wilson in the same show. The Crystola Roadhoues was a great venue for the show. Please keep the great concert lineups coming!
I thought that the show with Kim Wilson was great..everyone one superb..and don't forget the prime rib, they do such a great job there..
Hi Amy, What a smokin show last night!! I hope you thought it was successful because it sure worked for me. The food was good, the guy sharing our table turned out to be really cool, the joint was fine and we got to see some of the finest harp players this country has to offer. Al played with such intensity I don't know how the reeds didn't blow out. He's a local star to watch. Loved the harps but that rhythm section really made the show complete by constantly holding the groove. What a show, thanks for bringing in such fine talent to our little town. Steve
Hello Amy, I just ordered 2 VIP tickets to the Oct 16 Mark Hummel's Harmonica Blowout at the Crystola Roadhouse, Woodland Park show on your website. Hope the order came through. I'll pick up the tix at will-call as your site instructed. Also, thanks for putting some sample audio on your website. I really enjoyed that and it helped encourage me to order the tix. Thanks, Ed M
Wow! What a blast! On Friday the 26th I had the pleasure of doing a half hour opener at the Crystola Bar & Grill for Ronnie Baker Brooks and his band. The crowd was awesome, very encouraging and complimentary. I'd like to send out a big "Thanks!" to Amy and George Whitesell of "A Music Company" for the opportunity. The best part was having stage side seats to see Ronnie Baker Brooks and his band. Man, those cats can wail! The crowd went nuts and we all had a great time. The Crystola is a great place to see a show. I highly recomend it to everyone. Seating is limited but the dance floor is nice and big. Get there early for a great dinner or reserve a table if you can stay seated during a show like that. The next show features Magic Dick from the J Giles Band, the guy that blew out Whammer Jammer on the blues harp.............
Amy, Thanks for the great customer service in processing my ticket order. It's so rare to get a personal, human response . . . much less one that's so proactive in seeking to provide top rate service. Thanks, and keep up the good work. (Hats-off as well for bringing a little harmonica heaven to Colorado!) -Mark W.
Hi Amy, We had a great time at the Ronnie Baker Brooks show! It was our first time at the Crystola and we were pleasantly surprised at what a nice place it is for a blues concert. Most of all, we appreciated the upgrade to VIP. Thanks for taking care of us!! Deb & Walt
9/26/08 Ronnie Baker Brooks was awesome. The VIP package was a great deal. If you have not seen him and you love the blues, you are truly missing something.
thank you amy for bringing good tunes and vibes to our city, you do make this a better place to live .
Absolutely loved Tommy Castro in Crystola. It's great to have world class blues here. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for coming events.
Amy and George are awesome folk and are always pleasant to deal with. They work hard to bring excellent talent to the region and keep those of us that enjoy live music updated about upcoming events. Be sure to spread the word to friends and family about A Music Company Inc. They are a first rate operation!
Amy - thank you for the great customer service. I contacted the web site when I had questions on an upcoming concert (Tommy Castro) - and the response was very quick and professional. My questions were answered quickly, the web site of the upcoming event was updated and explained the changes. Thank you and I have put you in my favorites for upcoming events.
where's the best place to stay?? any nice places in walking distance from the crystola??? we have a group of blues nuts from ft. collins that may make the trip .
put me on e mail list for all blues shows
This year's Blues Under the Bridge was the best day of music my wife and I have ever experienced in Co Springs. You should be commended for your excellent job in helping to pull this off!! From the 1st act to the last, there was serious talent and passion on stage. And our regional bands all made us proud, very proud.
If you haven't seen 'Ladies Sing the Blues' featureing local singer and friend-Juanita Martin, Jill Watkins, two other female singers, and guest musicians, you have missed a Broadway quality performance. Don't miss it next time!
not only fantabulous music, but friendly,nice people WOW!!!!!love you all
awsome shows, awsome photos , keep em coming and keep music live .. Fings
Hello George & Amy, This is just a quick note to say "Thank you" for the great show on the 10th at Jimbo's Take 2. It was fantastic and definitely one for the memory books. Bob & Al were "on" all night and the quality of sound and the song selection were A1! Of course the intimate setting and hearing Bob reminisce is always a special treat. Hearing Bob play Jimbo's new steel body guitar was like topping off a perfect meal with a perfect desert! Thanks again for all of your work and I'm already looking forward to the next time Bob & Al perform together. Best Regards, Jeff
I can't believe it. I hate it. And I'm so sorry to hear it.. that Sean Costello is no longer with us. Lydia & I had a chance to meet him and be amazed (her once again; myself for the first time!) at his awesome talent at the Belvedere in Canon City just recently. I am so!! appreciative that I got such a (who knew then..) meaningful memento that night from him, his personalized autographed cd, with an encouraging comment about my own bass playing. To Sean's Family & Other Fans and Friends, We share the Loss. Stephany & Lydia
I would like to express my condolences to Sean Costello family and friends and Amusic Company for bring such a Great talent to Colorado Springs.
I attended my second "Ladies Sing the Blues" performance with 3 friends from Denver and Chicago. I knew what to expect but my frineds all said the quality and length of the performance was greater than any performance they had seen in big cities. I have promised to let them know when "Ladies Sing the Blues" returns.
Amy, you rock!! It's been great watching your commpany grow from an idea to a wonderful reality. Keep up the great work, look forward to catching more shows! Cheers, Rick Carver
I love your site. I'm going to do a little more looking around the site. Thank you again for being so helpful. Georgia
Can't wait for the next "LADIES SING THE BLUES" What an AWSOME show! So much talent all on one stage!
The Johnny Winter concert was fantastic. What an opportunity to see a legend.The Crystola Bar & Grill is such a neat place. Keep up the good work promoting the blues. Your website is in my favorites folder and will keep tabs on upcoming events. Thanks a million.
Hey George, I can see you are working hard to keep the blues alive, both as a musician and promoter. I'm happy to know you and to give your music some exposure in my radio shows. Best wishes to you and your wife, Przemek Draheim
My husband, Dave, and I loved the Johnny Winter show. What a treat. We saw Johnny Winter in Colo. Spgs. years ago and thought that was it. Thank you for the opportunity to see Winter again. If possible, did you take any pictures of Johnny Winter that I can buy? Thanks again. Joan
Remember me from the pig roast and Ziggies in Denver? We would like to come see you play. Please let me know your schedule and put me on your mailing list. Thanks, Ted Samora 303 591-3213
Going to enjoy the Johnny winter ,music March 8th.First time going to crystola bar and grill
Hello, your website is very informative and useful, I would like to share with you links, send all the questions on my e-mail.
Hi Amy, I have heard so many wonderful things about you. Thanks for the work you do. You can hear my music at or find me on the Internet by searching "Christina Dietz" with Google. George's sax is fantastic. Tell him I said hi. -- Christina Dietz
Not only is it "picture perfect" on the cover, but also the music is the intended sound of the season. Wrapping Christmas gifts with this cd providing the appropriate ambience served to greatly enhance my holiday spirit and evoked very pleasant memories of Christmases past. If you buy nothing else this year, add this wonderful cd to your collection.
Amy, I wanted to thank you for the great music this summer!! Keep up the great work and we look forward to next year. Love and Kisses, Gabrielle
mm.. thank you
Just thought I would let you know that I received the DVD of Ladies Sing the Blues & I have watched it twice now with friends. I am so glad that I ordered it, everyone has told me what a nice momento it is to have from my trip to Colorado. Hope to catch more shows on my next trip to the Springs! Thanks, and have a good & safe Thanksgiving! Hope to see you all soon. Nikki Niznik Huntington Beach, California
Hi George! It's me, from the trophy place! Thanks for directing me to your website! I'll make sure to come see a show! :)
Your LADIES SING THE BLUES CONCERT WAS Phenomenal!!! not only did they sing the blues they made the blues come alive! it was a well put together show and I look forward to attending many more if they are as sensational as this one.
Jill was wonderful singing the blues a couple of weeks ago at the Castaways in Manitou. I'll drive many miles to see her belt out the blues in her sexy, funny and most entertaining style. Great show!
Sent to by Chophouse @ a world of blues DOT com.
Hi Juanita, You and the other ladies were wonderful. It was a delightful evening! You are so talented in so many ways. I appreciate you and your friendship. May you continue to be blessed. Queen
Dear Juanita, "Ladies Sing the Blues" was fabulous. I enjoyed every performances. Good music, good people, good wine, great evening. Cleasther
"Ladies Sing the Blues" was a great show in many ways. It started with the wonderful job done by the volunteers, Emily, Laura, George, Chris and Amy. They made everyone feel important, like part of an extended family. Then we had the atmosphere and the sound and light quality of my favorite venue, The Red Velvet Room at the Castaways. But the true stars were Jessica, Juanita, Delores, Jill and their backing musicians. Their talent, passion and connection with the audience made for a memorable evening. The music scene in Co Springs is so much better than it used to be! Looking forward to a bright future of live music in the Pikes Peak community.
Ladies Sing the Blues...and did they sing! It was the best, the very best quality show I have applauded in a long time. The ladies were wonderful, the musicians spectacular and the location was ideal. Really enjoyed it and look forward to the next show at the Castaways!
really looking forward to Los Straitjackets